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I currently use http://lift.do/ (it's an iPhone app) to keep track of what I do and to see my progress. I can also see what my friends are doing and prop them. And they can see what I'm doing and prop me. Every day, I receive an email showing me my progress.

Hi Ninthfrank, It seems to be an interesting app. Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone. :(

I also use http://rescuetime.com. It might be helpful to you if you just want to track what you do on your computer. It's just an app you install on your PC or Mac and it runs in the background. And then you can go on their website to see where exactly you spend your time and how productive you are.

Hi ninthfrank, Thanks for the suggestion. I did use rescuetime. It gives interesting stats. Since I spend a lot of time on coursera videos playing in vlc, it decided i was wasting a lot of time ;) It was very useful nonetheless. Unfortunately it stopped working when I changed my desktop environment. I will go back and get it working again.

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