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(I posted this in the other article about hostess that got buried)

I will remind people here the following: Indiana is a right-to-work state. This was passed last year. Right to work lowers employer burden why someone is laid off/fired. Along with that, makes it a felony to require union dues to work at a company. However, the union is still required to represent you upon its charter.

Hostess also lost a sizable chunk of money with the lawsuit concerning Sachs donuts. Because of things I do not understand, Hostess had to kill all lines of yeast donuts and all "packaged fresh" yeast donuts. And from talking to employees of Hostess in Columbus,IN, those machines were scrapped.

A good reason why the union was giving hell was Hostess wanted to cut wages by almost 20%: the union already agreed to a 10% cut and reduction of benefits. Hostess wanted 9% more, and threw a tantrum here locally.

Who was in the right? I have no idea. But it looks the the nuclear option was used: blow it to the ground.

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