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- Great list. Having gone through all of this I can tell you it's very expensive and time consuming to do all of this, but it is prudent.

- 83B 83B 83B! This one cost me over $100,000 in a deal, and at one point came close to killing a venture financing in the 11th hour - all because an attorney told us we were all set (when we weren't). Make sure your attorney and accountant have startup experience, and don't be afraid to ask the opinion of others. It's incredible how one sheet of paper can totally kill your business.

- I disagree with the PayPal suggestion. A check is more valuable to me as a vendor since i don't have PayPal taking out their fees. This is substantial money if you are talking about thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Makes sense, will add an note on the paypal comment in github

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