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The Krispy Kreme situation is quite different. They had an accounting scandal that actually caused them to contract, in addition to the health craze reasons that many people assume.


This is off-topic, but I really hate the term "health craze." People caring about something does not make it a "craze." When people put on their seat-belt, we don't say they have a "safety craze." For the same reason, we should stop using the term "health craze."

Donuts in moderation are fine. Seat-belts in moderation are not a good idea.

That's why your analogy doesn't really work.

I said "craze" because the anti-carb mood is somewhat of a fad, so I think the word "craze" is perfectly suited.

In Krispy Kreme case it was in fact a "craze" - the Atkins "eat no sugar" diet wave, followed by South Beach diet wave, followed by the derivatives. All of these have subsided now, but they were nothing less than a sudden craze. I was one of many how jumped on the bandwagon only to jump off it few months later.

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