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Tutorialize.me is looking for beta partners
8 points by mrgreenfur 1713 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite
We've been working on Tutorialize.me (https://tutorialize.me) for almost a year and are looking for a handful of beta sites to help us launch. We think the product is production-ready and pretty swell to use. We'll give you free service and in exchange we'd like your feedback and patience.

Tutorialize.me is a service that provides tutorials to your visitors to quickly explain your UI. It's a great way to push visitors down a funnel or educate first time users. Tutorials can be created with no technical knowledge in just a few minutes.

Quick feedback:

- Raise your prices or you won't survive the CAC reality

- Invest in webdesign

- Too much scrolling on your example tutorial

- I'm not convinced it's a better solution that screencasts

Good luck with your startup!

Thanks very much for the feedback!

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