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When first filling out the Risks and Challenges section your first inclination will probably be to prove how there are no risks and no challenges. Instead of taking this path, be open about what you feel the risks are and your plan for minimizing them. Talk about the challenges you currently are facing and how you've solved other challenges in the past. If I'm going to sail out to sea with you on this voyage you'll be more likely to convince me you know how to handle a storm than to tell me there won't be any storms at all.

What you suggest is another, different, and also valuable blog post. His choice:

  Pro tip: if I, who know your business as well as I know the
  feeding habits of the Springbok Antelope, can come up with
  more risks than you can, you’re not doing it right.
It's disdainful, sure, and not to my taste, but it's memorable and cuts right to the issue. He's trying to be George Carlin. There's some value overall in a reasoned argument, and some value overall in a certain amount of hip hectoring if the author can piggyback wisdom on entertainment.

I get that's his play. I still want to discourage people from writing this way. George Carlin's cutting humor was profound. It's my humble opinion that unless you intend to write as well as George Carlin, you should be less adversarial in your comments of others.

Author here. I appreciate both your perspectives; not all writing can be for everyone, of course. As it happens I'm in the middle of writing a very long essay in a much more restrained style and decided to kick out this as a fun blog post to take a break. It's nice to see some people are enjoying it. At the same time I understand why you may not, as well.

Truthfully, the whole post is really just two points: think hard about your business, then be honest with what you know. But sometimes writing about antelopes is fun too.

One of the exciting things about building companies now is that everyone has a voice. We appreciate the candid critique.

Dan, we'd love your support. We're sizing for small to extra large on this first run with a couple fits/micro-sizes, including one specifically for the Governator and the tall/lean, which are typically overlooked by apparel companies.

I think the updates you've made to your page are exemplary. I've updated my blog post with a note at the end, and bought some shirts.

I appreciate it. I'm rooting for you guys, even if I have a funny way of showing it. And if it turns out your T-shirts are not for people built like the Governator, please let me know - I will hop on your bandwagon faster than the aforementioned antelope.

How do you get to write as well as George Carlin unless you push, practice and get feedback?

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