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Nexus 10 (and maybe 7) Question
4 points by jhacks 1383 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
I'm looking to get a tablet that I can write code with during my commute. This means I'll need a keyboard (potentially with track pad since not sure how accurate one can be with fingers highlight text... I suppose it's easy enough on my phone)

Does anyone have either combo with their Nexus? Just curious how well it works and what keyboard you have.

My concerns are:

1. any good apps? I know nothing will be as good as notepad++ or something, but hoping something nice out there? I see DroidEdit as a popular option? Assumably can open multiple files, syntax highlighting, code folding / collapsible, etc.

2. keyboard shortcuts - does android recognize any? i.e. undo, redo, copy, paste, find, replace etc. All basically necessary. If not shortcuts then easy to do quickly / easily through app.

I like the Nexus because, well, I love my Galaxy Nexus, and because they are inexpensive and good media devices as well.

If I can't satisfy this stuff though... I'm in a tough spot. The MS Surface Pro (my first choice) isn't out yet and RT has one notepad app that is not good enough yet. I don't want laptop / netbook because really want touch / media usage. Plus, if I were to get even Nexus 7, it's only $200 - 250. Won't feel bad if have that and get Surface Pro later. My other option would be Surface Pro alternatives that are out already...

But hoping Nexus might work.

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