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This is way too addicting. I've been typing in addresses one letter at a time, just to see what pops up: a beautiful metro station in Saint Petersburg, the graffitied walls surrounding an airport in Brazil, a neighborhood in South Africa, a wooded street in suburban North Carolina, a deserted country road in rural Iowa, the entrance to a gated community in Texas, and finally, my house. What a fun way to explore. Great work!

The feeling of seeing a sequence of random, unfamiliar locations, followed all of a sudden by a familiar street is really amazing. Especially if you type in the address of a street you haven't lived on for a long time.

is it using request ip to provide context? i typed in "europa 2189" and see my own appt in santiago, which is disturbingly impressive...

I'm in the UK, and typing that also gave me an apartment block in Santiago, so I'd say no.

huh, thanks. i never thought my address was so exclusive.

(i was once asked to give my address here, started with 'europa', and got the reply 'no, your address here in chile'...)

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