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Well this is freaky, I typed in "white house" and I got an INTERNAL tour of the white house. Awesome.

Also try "google campus".

What's interesting is the real google streetview needs adobe flash to run, this works with flash disabled.

That's not true. Real Google Street View runs without Flash if you enable WebGL.

I am using Firefox 17 with webgl, when I am in google street view it gives me

To use street view, you need Adobe Flash Player version 10 or newer. Get the latest Flash Player.

When I try to go to http://maps.google.com/maps?vector=1 to enable webgl it goes into an endless loop.

This page might explain why: http://support.google.com/maps/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answe...

Some low-end integrated GPUs (like the Intel GMA 3100 and 3150) are not compatible

This isn't using either Flash or WebGL, though. It's a pure JS tiling solution, similar to classic Google Maps, but with a Mercator-style 3D-to-2D projection.

> What's interesting is the real google streetview needs adobe flash to run, this works with flash disabled.

Since they've started targeting mobile browsers, they've switched in some places to the projection here (which uses a flat projection that is just translated), which is implemented in straight HTML + JS. In other words, this is official Google StreetView too, just their new embeddable viewer.

Haha I just did the same thing except I typed 1600 Pennsylvania ave then I was taken inside the lobby looking at a picture of Bill Clinton.

The tour of the white house was pretty interesting. If you typed in "oval offi" it takes you to some gold room that I don't recognize, and if you step outside, there's a big portrait of Hillary Clinton. Do the first ladies all have their portraits?

Ahem, you mean the Secretary of State, arguably most important cabinet position of the white house?

Wait, your resume says you're from North Carolina and you went to Case Western. You should really know this.

For the same query I got "White House, TN". Surprising (to me) amount of huge trucks, and quite uninteresting white house.

Same here. I had to refine my search: "white house, washington"

"the white house" also works.

There are a bunch more cool ones: golden gate bridge, bay bridge, brooklyn bridge, even lincoln tunnel!

This is too much fun :)

I typed in google and ended up in a store somewhere.

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