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YC W13 Applicants (docs.google.com)
75 points by danielsiders on Nov 15, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 84 comments

I saw one that said "A hyperlocal social photo bookmarking site for mobile" and immediately thought of http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6507690/hardly-working-sta... .

Definitely use a less douchey description in your actual YC app. Or at least name your company Devil's Deuce Interactive.

I'm pretty sure you just got trolled - their website is a 404.

Yes, that one is fake. I had to check though.

removed, thanks

Now there's a Webvan one. I kind of don't get it. It seems like YC is one of the least deserving targets if you're going to mock the Valley hype machine.

And now it's filling up with garbage data and more shitty attempts at humor. I genuinely had no idea that if you removed the possibility of a down vote there would be that many dicks on HN.

Oh, well in that case, kudos to whoever did it!


It's cool to see the traffic on this bit.ly url.

Protip, add a + to any bit.ly url to see stats:


x-post from the other thread - relevant if you got a rejection email tonight.

Hi everyone -

Startups are hard. I hope you'll keep going in the face of adversity.

If so, Mixpanel is here to help. Forward a copy of your YC rejection email to free@mixpanel.com and we'll hook you up with our $150/month Startup plan, free forever.

I hope this, or something like it, takes off: http://www.hostmygig.com. It's a sad thing to see great unknown bands not be able to fill a tour or find the right venues. Look forward to seeing how they get the word out.

Oh and a request? I sign up for the betas of a lot of these out of interest, to see if anything looks like it will take off. I am constantly getting notifications and updates, which is fine, but without mentioning what your service is - don't make me go to your website to remind myself what you do and find out if I want to stay subscribed: please just put a quick paragraph in your email footer.

mobius.io here, we make hardware and were pretty excited when we read http://www.paulgraham.com/hw.html. Got rejected today and checked the server logs, saw nobody ever logged into our demo site. Is this typical or just means that our application was really, really bad?

Well, put another way, it might mean that your application wasn't really, really good. It could have been good, or, in fact, it might have been really good - but, I suspect the YC approach is to start with the very, very good applications. They then try and eliminate some percentage of those through some further due-diligence, bring a smaller group in for interviews, and then finally select a very small percentage of the original group.

Because YC hires primarily based on team/commitment/skill/fortitude/enthusiasm and potential, I'm guessing that reviewing the demo is done after there is some belief that the first properties are present.

[edit: I checked your site - the first two questions that come to my mind are, "What is the potential for this growing into $10B enterprise" and "What is their unfair competitive advantage in building this interface system?

PS - with a bit of work, this would be the start of an awesome Kickstarter. Then you don't have to give any equity away, which, if you really believe in your prospects, should also be attractive)

Thanks for the tips. As for enterprise, we want to eat ni.com's lunch since a lot of threir lower end systems require a computer to operate. We're thinking of doing a kick starter to get 50 to 100 prototypes built and the case design finalized. The hardware is solid and the firmware/server side features are pretty much done.

Feel free (anyone else too) to contact me if interested in a demo. We're in Mountain View.

Probably a better strategy. If you take a look at Jessica Livingston's talk from Startup School (http://startupschool.org/2012/livingston/) she notes that YC gets nervous about hardware--but nerds (like me) on Kickstarter love it. That's how the pebble watch came to grow successfully. Kickstarter is once of the few places you can find and fund really innovative hardware products. Best of luck

Thanks for the link. I figured YC knew the risk if PG asked for more hardware people to apply. It's true that it's very hard to have the same type of growth in a hardware startup as software, but someone has to make the gadgets. Additionally, while Kickstarter gives you funding, they don't provide the same type of mentorship that YC may offer.

Yes, the general fear of hardware in the valley was cured over the past year. There are still issues specific to hardware companies, but it is no longer that big a problem. Things which are hardware plus service are even more popular.

I looked at the site as well. I'm curious how you plan to differentiate from say Nest or Android@Home.

The initial mobius.io device has 16 general purpose I/O lines, several serial ports, and analog in, so it is much more flexible than Nest. As for Android@Home, mobius also has its own cloud service, so you don't need to worry about infrastructure. What we would like to do is to have the same functionality of something like NI USB-6009 (http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/201987) without the computer. And we also have LabVIEW drivers for our device. So you can automate things in your business/home from anywhere using JS/LabVIEW/HTTP GET if you wanted to.

This is kind of cool. I'd love to see a demo. I'm in Palo Alto.

I don't see any contact info in your profile, send me an email (contact in profile) and I can set something up.

For companies which got an interview, I'd strongly recommend not listing yourself on this list.

Do you really want TechCrunch/etc looking through this list and writing your fundraising articles without your involvement?

I think what TechCrunch does is unimportant to people who give money to people who receive money. Someone's spreadsheet isn't going to ruin a good idea or a good team.

There is no reason not to be in control of your press. The last thing you want is a poor or misleading TechCrunch article announcing you.

It's not going to ruin anyone, but it's not optimal, and there's no reason to fill it out other than pride.

The document is no longer public (about 10% of the companies emailed me asking me to remove them from the list.

Bummer, it brought a good chunk of users & sign-ups while it lasted! Thanks

Eh. Didn't get an interview.

Whatever. I'll apply for the next cycle.

I feel you, brother. Same story for me...

Lets just keep going... this is only one stop...

Neither did we. Keep calm and carry on.

I just scored a hat trick of rejections :)

What inference can one make from a reject?

(A) Got 4/5 video views from YC/partners and even as late as November 11th.

(B) If there were no video hits at all.

Looking for some postmortem but shouldn't stop me from continuing my work.

It will help us know which axes to improve up on for the next time.

So for example, if we have had video hits and got rejected, does it mean the idea sounded good but they were not convinced with the team? Helps one learn...

We're trying to get better at this...

Such clinical sincerity. I would have preferred a simple no, than something so transparently calculated.

Why did this get tweeted as "List of YC W13 companies"? You made me jump out of my chair for a bit :(

No matter what the message will be I am already working on the project to finish the prototype till the end of the month.

I believe YC is an awesome opportunity and even I we'll be rejected the project will be launched.

Good luck everyone to get to the ready prototype and go on to the big things from it ;)

Today is a perfect day for spam marketers to reach us.

I have read every single email very carefully today.

What is the point of this and who's behind it? (serious question)

Mostly just curiosity. I'm "behind" it in the sense that I set up the form and posted it to HN.

Has anyone received information on their applications yet?

Nope. I heard it was later tonight... good luck!

At least I haven't...

just got the rejection letter.

YC W13: "The X for Y class"

It's a succinct way of describing your product.

From http://ycombinator.com/howtoapply.html :

One good trick for describing a project concisely is to explain it as a variant of something the audience already knows. It's like Wikipedia, but within an organization. It's like an answering service, but for email. It's eBay for jobs. This form of description is wonderfully efficient. Don't worry that it will make your idea seem "derivative." Some of the best ideas in history began by sticking together two existing ideas no one realized could be combined.

haha... well said!

Has any other applicant class done this??? Don't get me wrong but if it wasn't done before I dont know if we should do it now...

I guess we shouldn't ever do anything that nobody else has done before.

haha true but I was thinking more in the line that it would back fire on the idea of not blurting out who some of the possible selected groups are... I thought they were supposed to be unknown until Demo Day...

Nice to see tent in there.


Now who wants to start a fantasy YC W13 pool?

Is it too late to apply with that idea?


You could probably get funding for that next round.

Rejections are starting to go out....

Now I'm curious. What is Cluckbutton?

That has to be a joke. No one seriously would use the tagline "A social network for chicks."

[edit] Looks like people are just having fun. Look at the "ShareBNB" (boxers and briefs one). Even if serious, that's a very limited audience and CL can take care of that audience already. I think many are just decoys.

if it's not, at least they got three schmucks talking about it

Did you click the link? It seems real...

We didn't get in either this time. But it's always nice having the opportunity to apply to these things.

Would love to see more of the application videos (it might be embarrassing to put yourself out there, but I'm sure everyone here's a supportive bunch and just wants to learn).

Hang in there.

If your company description is, "we're the (insert startup name one) for (insert startup name two)", please please reconsider. There are sooo many cool business ideas that don't involve Facebook, twitter, or (inset startup name three's idea here) ideas.

I applied:

Mobile based hacker-to-hacker platform used to infiltrate CIA database with content gathering and storing- market potential: Iran, N. Korea, China, Cuba, Russia...this will redefine the black market. All i need is a little startup cash

http://fitsby.com/, awesome!

Isn't this same as http://gym-pact.com ? Gym-pact started at the beginning of this year.

Ideas aren't that special.

Guideacity hasn't been selected, but we are keeping our work going and see how far we can get. Also if there is someone in New York who can create a website like Airbnb please let me know!

Well, added Splash to the list. It was funny to see at least one other company very similar, and that is launched! At least we know we are headed in a good direction. :)

Should I be concerned that the person behind the "wingman app" is looking for a co-founder? I don't know whether that's a positive or a negative...

Seriously, before asking for people's personal info can you give us at least a sentence or two about why you want it?

If you're curious about why he, or anyone else, is interested then fair enough - however given he makes it clear that all information submitted is available for anyone to view, I don't think there's any need for him to explain why he wants "personal info", clearly he only wants it if you are happy for it to be public information.

What's this for?

It's an opt-in list of companies that applied to YC for the winter 2013 class and still a work in progress.

Edit for the prepositionally focused: It's so HNers and other applicants can check out some of the other companies that applied.

Infikno looks sweet. I'd totally use that.

Misfit Labs is on the list too!

They just launched a successful campaign on Indiegogo and were on TC yesterday.

Ok we are in, let's see if we can get something out of this all together!

Daniel, can you remove my entry from the list? It is #73 (educat.me )

what % of interviewed Cos are accepted?

Ooops hard luck for us!!

do the form's authors want to add a field for 'Accepted?'

luck everyone!

We'd love to but I'm not sure how people could update it since there's no login. We really can't do it without compromising the integrity of the data.

They send you a message and you can edit it?

if they want to email me from an address listed in their profile (and your hn profile is listed in the spreadsheet) we'll be happy to update it.

Can you please remove #74 (educatme) already ? Thanks.

nuts. but thanks.

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