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Show HN: Just got "sued" by a company. Fun stuff.
4 points by knes 1588 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite
Hi guys,

Two weeks ago, I launched my company (http://www.foodsterbox.com) in Belgium . Today I tweeted the following message (originally in French):

"Do you like #OtherCompanyName? Come discover Foodsterbox, the first Culinary box available in Belgium! http://blabla"

6 hours later I received an email with a PDF letter (I will get a proper letter through the mail too) basically saying that I can't use their name in a hashtag to "promote" my company and I was getting "sued" if I don't remove the tweet.

The other company is not a competitor, just doing the same kind of business as me "Stuff in a box every month".

Is this just a dumbass flexing his "muscle" to scare me away (for what reason, I don't know) or should I really remove the tweet?

Any help or feedback is appreciated.

If it were me, I'd remove it. You're basically trying to piggyback off of their reputation and advertising, and they clearly aren't down with that. It's better to make friends (yes, even competitors) than enemies this early in the game. Best of luck.

I'm not a lawyer so I'll save the advice-giving for someone else, but that shows incredible insecurity on the part of the other company.

Yeah that is what I though too. I mean I put food in my box. he's in the overcrowded beatybox, even though he's the only one doing it in Belgium right now.

By leveraging their name, you could potentially tarnish their image if the food you're giving out is tainted with anthrax or something.

They're taking a small step to defend themselves. You should gracefully acquiesce.

That is strange. I'd post the letter on my twitter with a hashtag to them.

It could go viral.

It depends on the Belgium ad laws, whether you're allowed to compare your products with competitors'.

To be honest, polluting other company's hash tag seems like a very shitty and dishonest move. Develop your own brand.

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