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What a great comment. I didn't know that most of these use cases worked. Thanks!

There lies one of it's biggest flaws: poor discovery.

I once sat down for a few hours and asked it tons of random questions and got a good feel for what it can and cannot answer/do. After that, it became a lot more useful to me. But most people don't seem to do that.

You can just ask it, "What can I say?" or similar and it will come up with a big list. Although I don't know how you can discover that feature... bit of a chicken-and-egg there.

I recently got an iPhone 5 (been using the 4 for about 2 years now) and it came up with the big list the first time I held the home button to use it, so that functionality is not hidden.

There is also the (i) button on the screen that you can tap. It shouldn't be hard for anyone to find, though I guess it must be?

Yeah I'm aware, but that list is not comprehensive, and doesn't do much to spark the imagination.

Here is a FULL LIST OF SIRI COMMANDS I learned a few tricks from:


(Though it looks like this list was missing Find Friends related options.)

I think that's just the contents of the "i" button.

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