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Is my worldview artificial or somehow contrived? If I REALLY don't like my phone's app store, I can switch phones. If I don't like my government's policies, I have to move to a new country.

Don't pay Apple and you don't get an iPhone. Don't pay the Govt and you go to jail. Jailbreak an iPhone, breaking Apple's terms and conditions and they won't service your phone. Break the Patriot Act's Gag Rules and you're squirreled away to PMITA prison.

If Apple makes stupid decision after stupid decision, they lose their dominance. If they are too reckless with their finances, they lose their business and possibly go to Jail. If Govt is reckless with its finances it just points at corporate scapegoats and raises taxes. No one goes to jail and this last election shows that no one will even be held accountable by the mostly ignorant voting public.

It's not like I'm making up the basis of this worldview out of thin air. Have you seen what's happening in Southern Europe? Turn on world news (from networks outside of the USA), open a browser, wake up...

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