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Out of curiosity, why do people use Watt-hours instead of Joules for this purpose?

Which is more practical?

A: "Hi, can you please supply us with 50MW for the next 12 hours?"

B: "Hi, can you please supply us with 2.16Tj at a rate of 50MW?"

It would be much nicer to get 2.16Tj in a bucket.

Joules (or watts) is a measure of capacity. Electricity generating capacity, especially with intermittent sources like wind is almost meaningless. Who cares about capacity if the actual generation is zero.

Watt-hours, Megawatt-hours, and terawatt-hours are used because that's the descriptive term of energy actually produced.

Tradition. Same reason we use centralized banks and sovereign currency instead of bit-coin and other independent currencies, or miles per gallon instead of gallons per mile.

Or for that matter, kilometres per litre.

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