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So instead, they stocked vending machines with "official blanks"

In the podcast[1] they say that idea "never saw the light of day".

[1]: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2012/11/13/165046113/episode-...

Doh! Just re-listened. You're right. I missed that part the first time, and had instead heard "they abandoned the plan", and figured they might have actually done this for awhile.

It's still the best part of the story. Followed by the request for a 7.5c coin.

Followed by the observation, that for a 2 liter, the price per ounce is still remarkably close to the original price

Maybe folks were kinder to vending machines back then, but if I put in my last nickel and received a blank, that blank would have been used to thrash the heck out of the machine.

Maybe they should have raised the cost to 10c, and advertised that you get a bonus, second Coke 3 in 4 times.

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