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Custora: Help our retail customers grow, be our customer advocate
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YOU We're looking for someone to help our online retail clients maximize the value of the Custora platform. You’ll be the face of Custora to our customers. We want someone who is excited to help retailers find better, more relevant ways to connect with their customers. Someone who is excited about statistics, and even more excited to get non-technical people to run marketing experiments the “right way.” You’ll be closer to our users than anyone else on the team. You’ll know what excites them, what frustrates them, what makes them laugh - you’ll even know the questions they've yet to ask. You'll gather data and insights on everything our customers do and be the voice of the customer as we continue to build out our product. You're analytical, thorough, organized, and creative.

WHO WE ARE Custora is a SaaS tool for online retailers to better understand and market to their customers. We’re on a mission to make marketing about real people. Our platform runs the state of art in customer analytics, and we integrate directly with email providers to help marketers deliver more relevant, meaningful communication.

We work with Etsy, Fab.com, Threadless, Revolve Clothing, and clients across the globe. Our offices are in the Flatiron district in Manhattan.

Qualifications * Experience with both technical teams and with business users, preferably in marketing or advertising * Project-management or other multi-tasking experience - you’ll own all customer relationships * A likeable person :) * A scrappy, organized, thorough pace - things move quickly. * A desire to build processes and systems that scale - automation is critical * Experience with retail marketing and with small teams is a plus * Tired of batch-and-blast emails flooding your inbox

Benefits * Competitive Salary * Generous equity * Health, dental, and vision 100% covered * All lunches paid for by the company * Flexible vacation policy - Take as much time as you need

To apply, send an email to careers@custora.com and explain what it means to have statistically significant results with a marketing experiment - in terms a ten-year old would understand. Provide a link to or a copy of your resume as well.

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