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New York is pretty impressive too!


Still a little lumpy, but they're getting there.

SF http://here.net/37.822767,-122.4737476,17.91,138,77,3d.day

London http://here.net/51.5036954,-0.1183393,16.91,322,77,3d.day

Sydney http://here.net/-33.8589561,151.2111098,16.88,224,77,3d.day

Definitely getting there. Panning, pivoting (with SHIFT key) and zooming in 3D mode are all quite smooth.

Quite nice feature is that when you double click on the road you will get the street view, and clicking on the buildings will move the viewport in actual 3D instead of series of images. In some places it's actually quite accurate, although they probably aren't using their LIDAR data yet (at least not in hi-res).

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