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Ask HN: Does today make anyone else nervous?
3 points by scottmagdalein 1834 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments
Context: YC is supposed to let us (startup applicants) know who will get interviews today.

Hell yes! I can't concentrate. My phone is with me, pushing all of my emails, ringer is on high just incase I miss the notification, and my friends are have emailed/texted me about my application. I feel like I'm expecting a baby right now, every notification gets the "oMG, is this it" reaction. Best of luck to everyone:)

Haha, yep. My signal is low in my house and I'm working from the "phone booth" (the room with the best cell signal) just in case.

The amount of anxiety between this and a huge midterm is taking days off of my life

Midterms. Ouch, sorry to hear that. I hope you get that interview...and pass your tests!

Slept a sleepless night refreshing my YC news page every min...I am nervous...hell ya.

Hell ya. Haha

So should we be expecting email or a notification on HN page?

Not sure what to expect, really. Checking email, checking HN, and keeping my phone charged. :)

For S12 it was emails at about 7pm EST.

Already 6:34pm my time (GMT). Looks like I could be waiting until midnight or later!

Yikes. Yep!

Yes... I am checking my emails non stop...


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