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Ask HN: Did anyone view your YC video pitch?
11 points by amerf1 1854 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments
Did you check the statistics on youtube and found out someone other than you has viewed it? Could be PG

We should update these posts with the results to see if there is a strong relationship between the number of views > 0 sec and a invitation to interview. I'm sure future applicants would appreciate it (or re-applicants...)

GL everyone, try not to stress too much

I don't think number of views will correlate with an increased chance of getting an interview, but I'm pretty sure getting no views will correlate with not getting an interview.

Totally agree that none of us should be stressing about this. Cheers.

Quoting from Quora "The advice we received was that they really like them to be a minute or less because founders/partners only have a few minutes to read each application.

It could be that you gave enough information in that time or that because it was 1:30 they just watched some of it to get an understanding. I wouldn't worry about it though."


That is good to know; mine was watched for < 1 min as well.

Ours wasn't viewed by anyone other than my cofounders and I. I take that as an indication that we're not in the running for an interview. If you do get a view, at least you know there's some interest from YC. I suppose it's possible that some applications are good enough that the founders forgo watching the video in the interest of time, but it's unlikely.

Good luck to everyone. Looking forward to seeing the next batch of YC companies.

This should calm your nerves:


Good luck to everyone!

awesome link here on the YC app process. Thanks to the YC alums for the detailed answers.

Team video: one 0 minute CA view (auto embed?) on the 2nd then one full view from CA the next day.

Demo video: unsure, I shared the link with a few people in CA so that messed up those numbers. However, no actual views (time > 0) on the same day the team video was viewed for a minute. Again, a 0 minute view on the day of submission.

We've had someone in California view our team video on the 12th but I guess this is no indication of things cos they could watch the video and promptly put you in the no pile as easy as the yes. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone.

My team video was viewed a handful of times. I feel reasonably comfortable knowing it was YC because the moment I submitted, the video view count jumped.

It's like reading tea leaves though, not sure ultimately what this means.

Good luck everyone,


We got a view; though, we don't necessarily know if it was by PG et al. It could have been the YC alumni that pre-screen applications.

Best of luck to everyone on their applications.

6 views since Nov 4. 3 for full 1:50 duration, 3 for only ~:20 seconds.

Are video views a good barometer to measure YC interest for interviews?

That's a great question. I say yes based on a question Harjeet answered on Quora regarding what makes a good YC application:

"- PLEASE include a video. it makes such a difference and will significantly help your chances of making interview."


2 views on 11/2. 1 view on 11/4. 1 minute estimated watch time.

3 views here, all made last week

6 views from California.

We wish, no visits :(

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