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I checked out Triple Town, curious what sort of game someone looking for both strong ties with players and recurring revenue would produce. What I found was a game with a single $4 purchase that unlocked everything. That definitely suits me as a player, but I don't see how it constitutes recurring revenue. It looks and feels like an option to just buy the game. If it turns out not to be, I'll feel betrayed.

Am I misunderstanding the model here? Is the 'recurring' aspect supposed to be from players as a group--a certain percent converting on a monthly basis, without publicity events? Is what clearly looks like a 'purchase game' to me not intended as such? Will I sit down to play some evening only to find a warped experience that's grindy and lame without an infusion of coins? Or is all this talk of free to play really about fully functional trials--asking me for $4 after I'm sure I like the game rather than $1 on a hope? (Something which seems sensible, but I don't see how it would help with a boom/bust cycle.)

Yep, it's for unlimited/unrestricted play ... so in this case it's a trial. But a community has in fact grown around this game, and in the future they could enhance it for additional IAP funds, sort of like the dagobah IAP in angry birds starwars. I don't know if they're actually planning to do this particular thing, but he even says that he wants his games to be ongoing services that evolve and improve over time.

I'm not super familiar with the game either, but since you can buy $5 worth of coins, I doubt the $4 actually unlocks everything.

Oh! I completely missed that you can buy coins.

I really ought to switch my default association with coins in games from "game mechanic" to "real cash". The times, they are a' changin'.

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