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Awesome guide, thanks a lot!

Since the WinXP is just a single exe file, UnrarX cannot extract it. Any idea to fix this besides extracting it on a Windows computer?

The Unarchiver works for me: http://unarchiver.c3.cx/unarchiver

Hackers don't search for easy solutions ;) You can use any hex editor to cut the PE file: just cut from the beginning to the point where the Rar! signature starts and rename the extension to .rar.

Challenge accepted.

Edit: There is no "Rar!" in Windows_XP_IE6.exe :(

That's because it's not a RAR archive :( Windows_7_IE8.part01.exe and Windows_Vista_IE7.part01.exe are RAR archives, but Windows_XP_IE6.exe is not.

It looks like a self-extracting CAB file, 7-zip can open it and maybe some other archivers as well.


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