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>Is it just me or are apple making more dumb mistakes lately? There's this and that ajax caching issue from a month or two ago. Perhaps I'm just having selective memory?

No, it's not just you. It's the whole tech pop culture sector that has selective memory.

Apple did as much mistakes on the old times. It's just that it's not the underdog anymore, and all the hip kids are looking to fry Apple for those, instead of understanding that, heck, mistakes happen in every software/hardware offering.

The iPhone 4 antenna issue? Not even a blip compared to the iBook G3 logic board fiasco. But everybody forgets those things and adds it to some all-encompassing theory of decline...

Same with the notion of the "non-innovative update" for iPhone 5, etc.

The forgotten that less than a decade ago Apple did even far more minor incremental updates to the iPod line (a new click wheel, some more storage, a little thinner, now with a color screen, now it plays video, etc) and everybody was overwhelmed everytime a new device came out.

Suddenly they expect miracles out of every Keynote.

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