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His points are well taken, but as I player I refuse to participate in this business model. On the other, I would buy this game for more than one dollar, because it looks like it's worth more than that. Too bad.

My objection to this model is that the way it's usually implemented means that I can circumvent any challenge in the game by spending more money. This completely upends the effort/reward equation for the game and makes me feel like I'm just a monkey playing a slot machine.

It really hinges on whether the game is a discrete artwork, kind of like a book or a movie, noone wants to have to pay to see the ending(pay $10 to defeat the boss), or whether it is a developing story and the Pay to play choices are analogous to something which makes sense, i.e. pay your taxes or else you become an enemy of Captain Hector.

I agree, and remove these sorts of games from my son's devices. We try and steer clear of them in the first place, but its not always obvious.

Hayday was the last one, and I carefully explained the extortionate business model before doing it. I enjoyed and appreciate Hayday but t'aint no way I'm going to get either of us into that open-ended financial sink.

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