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The main reason I think it's really dumb for Unity to put more focus on high end features instead of polishing and improving what they have is because developers who want those high end features are probably using Unreal or UDK.

The way I see it, Unity's primary market are hobbyist developers or professional developers who are making casual / indie / 2d games, and usually those games are on Mobile. Those types of people want less headaches and they want to be able to do common stuff really really easily. They don't really care about the high end features.

Unfortunately, Unity has terrible built in support for 2d art. Unity also zero built in wrappers for common Mobile tasks like In App Purchases.

Jumping through hoops to get your source control setup properly is a huge knock against it as well. This type of thing should just work out of the box.

You can't cut and paste components between game objects. When importing sounds you have to change the import settings on each sound individually because they don't support multi-object editing.

I use Unity professionally as a casual / indie game dev and while it is the best game engine for me, I can't help but think it could be so much better.

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