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Just a quick note that one of the easiest ways to get a legitimate license key is to join BizSpark. If you are a startup (which I imagine a lot of people here have some sort of startup) there is no reason not to be a part of it.

I agree. I'm a bizspark member with my side-business. It's actually been quite useful since I develop the application in C#, I can get Visual Studio Professional and every version of Windows to test against.

IIRC, it cannot be just any kind of startup, i.e. if you have a software service house (build software for others / consulting), you are not going to get into BizSpark.

Feel free to straighten out my misconception.

Thanks for posting, I had no idea that was available.

Count me as a guy who has a few copies of Windows I only use for browser testing in VMs...

Thanks! I am hoping this program will allow me to develop a Windows Phone 8 app without having to buy a new OS and tools.

One thing I also wanted to add is that BizSpark gives you free Azure platform access...with Windows Server keys! I think it works out to be two "large instances" for a year. I think large is like 2GB ram or so.

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