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Interesting. Is there a similar option for VMWare, or is the format too different?

VMWare Fusion's importer works perfectly - in the past there used to be a concern with drivers but at least by VMware 4 it just works.

Procedure: 1. Download 2. Use unrar or http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/apps/unarchiver.html to unpack the segments 3. Open VMWare Fusion & choose import 4. Get coffee & wait for disk I/O 5. Install VMWare tools & pending Windows Updates 6. Take a snapshot so you can reset it after the timelimit sets in (as noted by Microsoft, they disallow storing data durably for more than 90 days)

Might as well just install VirtualBox, its free afterall. I stopped using VMWare when I had to buy it again for Lion.

VMWare Player is free (AFAIR for non-commercial use, whatever that is)

It's not available on OSX, they provide VMWare Fusion instead, which costs 50 bucks

I prefer trading time for money. Fusion is fast and just works.

There are utilities to convert a VirtualBox VM to VMware, if you are feeling adventurous :-). From my experience though, it's kinda painful (I forget what the issues were but I remember regretting the decision to convert the VM).

If you're on a Mac and have VMWare fusion its actually really easy. Just use VMWare to import the VHD files and it works fine. No need to use other utilities.

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