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Last month I moved and didn't have an ISP at home for the first 3 weeks or so. I set up tethering on my phone and a 5GB data plan. Yesterday I got a notice that I was over my data limit. I haven't done a whole lot of web surfing in the new house, but I have listened to a ton of podcasts using the Podcast app which I have never done before.

So if I just blew through 5 GB of data in 2ish weeks and the only thing different was using the podcasts app...

(I did watch 3 episodes of walking dead on Netflix which obviously contributed to the data use, but a 45 minute episode can't be that big)

Interesting. I was using the Podcast app too, which I believed was the reason for the data overage. It shouldn't be, though. A few podcasts are definitely under 1GB. This AV Foundation Framework issue seemed to be the root cause.

Netflix's 720p streams use 2.3GB/hour, which would certainly put you over 5GB. I'm not sure about their lower quality streams though.

Hmmm, maybe that is it then. I'd be surprised if I was getting that data rate on my 3G connection (iphone 4s, at&t).

I'm still shocked it happened so quickly though. I guess 5 GB isn't what it used to be! ;)

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