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I believe this is directly related to phone data usage overages as well. Having used an iPhone 4 on ATT for 2 years, I could almost guess my data usage perfectly each month.

By the 2nd day of using my new Verizon iP5, I was receiving warning texts from Verizon that I was about to exceed my data limits.

Thinking it was me, I increased my plan. That only stopped the bleeding for another few days.

Oh, and I installed the "fix" that was sent out to supposedly repair the known issue. (I was always on Wi-Fi networks but still being charged for data.)

I recently called Verizon to dispute the data. They quickly erased all of my data overages. Snap, like that. The man I spoke with called a technician on my behalf.

The people who can erase overages do not officially have this issue in their database as something to be aware of. But the technician he spoke with said there was absolutely a problem, and both Verizon and Apple knew about it and were working on it.

Then, I was given a "diamond ticket" to absolve me of any future overages until a fix is found.

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