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This is the reason Forstall has left the building, iOS 6 is a disaster:

    * Maps was not ready for prime time (so bad it required a public apology)
    * Podcast was not ready for prime time.
    * Passbook was not ready for prime time.
    * App store is a step backwards.
    * Battery and WIFI issues.
    * Soooo many bugs.
There are usually problems but this is the first time I've seen so much utter crap shipped including tons of minor bugs and issues (well Mobile Me was pretty bad :-)

I'm using Audible, Downcast and the built in Music app where I used to just use the Music app. iOS 6 was a huge step backwards for me.

Rather than waiting until it's ready (think copy/paste on iOS) Forstall was responsible for shipping a mess. Hopefully this will fix itself with new leadership.

How do you know that Forstall was the person advocating a yearly OS upgrade cycle? It seems just as likely to me that this rigid schedule was forced onto him and he couldn't deliver. Things like OS X Lion (a huge change under the hood) and the Maps places database just aren't things that can be built to a deadline.

Well, a mess was shipped and he was the guy in charge. So I'm assuming he was the guy responsible. If a mess really was forced upon him he should have resigned instead of sticking around to ship the mess.

I have in that exact same situation, "This will not be associated with me, I'm out"

Now you are talking about saving face, not about saving iOS. Maybe he was the best guy for the job and he still couldn't do it.

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