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It looks like only Javascript devs are welcome. :\

Yeah, there's a huge Javascript bias. When they describe a dev with 7 to 10 years experience as: "Web Hipster; I was using AJAX before it was even called AJAX.", it's a bit like hearing nails on a chalkboard.

I think the AJAX thing is just because 7 to 10 years ago, AJAX was not called AJAX (the term was coined in 2005).

As for Javascript, it is by far the easiest to implement online, so it's good for a prototype. I don't think it's supposed to remain that way, as subscribers are allowed to choose their favorite dev area.

All devs are welcome! We just had to start somewhere for the tests but the community is language agnostic.

Granted you have to start somewhere, but the second challenge (appears) to not only be JS-specific, but specific to the Prototype JS library.

JS is a prototype based language. I think the word prototype might be throwing you off but its a core concept within JavaScript.

Shows how much I know about JS, then. :x

You were right, the word 'prototype' threw me off. I look forward to seeing what challenges there will be for other languages :)

If something more Lisp-ish is your style, you can also check out 4clojure.org . Same kind of idea (just not presented quite the same).

Yeah, just gave up after realizing that.

I was a bit put off, but it's mostly basic JS and Googleable for the sticky parts.

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