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Interesting, what's the long term goal?

The vision's to create a global arena, where as devs we can compete and build projects that matter.

We already have that. It's called real life.

Still I signed up and am present on the leaderboard.

Same here! I am utterly unenthused by the stated mission but I still hunted down every possible point just because they were there. Great game mechanics. I guess I'm just a sucker for ratings.

Fair enough. We want to complement real life with a virtual environment and make it easier to collaborate with dev's outside your existing network.

Congrats on the leaderboard status.

> make it easier to collaborate with dev's outside your existing network.

Sounds fun. Looking forward to it, thanks.

So in the long term, how exactly will this be different from http://www.topcoder.com/ ?

Just wondering... I signed up already anyway.

Is it just me or is the topcoder website confusing? I've never really managed to find what I want to whenever I go there (pretty much the exact opposite experience to the submitted site which drops you immediately into coding)

Good question. Top Coder is more of a crowd-sourced approach to solving a problem, where as we're focused on building an interactive community.

Sorry, you are wrong. Check the algorithm section. It is all about competitions for developers.

Yes they use competition, but its not about that, its the context and how it's used that's important. It's a fundamentally different approach, just wait for our next step...

Can you speak a little bit about how this turns into a business?

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