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Our very small outfit at verbmill.net is seeing similar signs. For instance, 700MB+ downloaded by a single client when an individual podcast is a maximum of ~50MB. Checking my logs now to see if I can narrow down device/version number. All of our files are hosted on S3.

Ominous example.

  Reqs	Total	Avg	B/s	Client
  666	2G	3M	127K	mobile-​198-​xxx-xxx-​088.​mycingular​.​net.​
  666	AppleCoreMe​dia/1.​0.​0.​10A403 (iPhone; U; CPU OS 6_​0 like Mac OS X; en_​us)
I hope this user is on an unlimited plan :(

Wow, that is truly unfortunate. How long did it take for that 2GB to be chewed up?

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