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You may suck at design because you lack some artistic culture , it is has nothing to do with sketching or even the ability to draw. Get a generic art history book , study a ton of design from other designers and you'll be a better designer.

Get a generic art history book , study a ton of design from other designers, make a shit-load of bad stuff but keep on going anyway, and you'll be a better designer.

You won't really know what you know until you apply it. You will likely suck at it. Doesn't matter. You'll suck a little less at it next time.

"The experienced illustrator subscribes to the principle of the application of the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair. Should inspiration whisk down your chimney, be at your table. The first ten thousand drawings are the hardest. Put another way, you have ten thousand bad drawings within and should expel them as quickly as possible."


Your words are true, but not necessarily in my case. I think I've got the culture as I have the natural talent (and ability to draw), studied under and worked with some very talented designers over the years. I've pulled off some successful designs as well.

The issue is that my passion to code is greater than my passion to design. Even if I do start at the sketch step, I all but salivate at the chance to get cracking on the CSS.

I don't suck because I can't sketch, I suck because I don't sketch. :P Whenever I do sketch my designs come out better.

well i dont sketch neither , doesnt make my designs bad, As long as one has a clear image of what one needs to make , the way one makes it real doesnt matter, weither it is using hand code css , dreamweaver, whatever...

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