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Is it just me or are apple making more dumb mistakes lately? There's this and that ajax caching issue from a month or two ago.

Perhaps I'm just having selective memory?

I dunno, how crummy the App Store has become is a perfect example of this. The App Store is one prominent way they make loads of money and build loyalty to the ecosystem, and yet it is a shitshow on IOS6...the responsiveness is as bad as I've seen on non-iOS software, but for me, the two really inexplicable failures are:

1. the use of modals to show individual apps on the iPad. So if you get to an app page and accidentally touch outside the modal, the app page disappears and you have to go back to Safari to find the link that brought you there.

2. On my brand new iPod, the Genius View has never NOt crashed. I know Genius (and most of Apple's search services) are poor to begin with, but it's a prominent button on the nav. How does it just not work on a brand new device?

3. I'm also guessing the lack of a light sensor on the new iPod was the result of a screwup in the dev cycle...I would've never guessed that its absence would be such a deficiency but when you can't see a single thing on the iPod merely because you stepped from indoors to outdoors...to the point where you have to go back inside to adjust the brightness...that's just infuriating.

I can't remember the last time I've been infuriated by an Apple device...I feel infuriated all the time with my expensive Sony camera and how its video button is right where you can accidentally bump into it when shooting a pic...which prevents you from shooting a photo. The last few Apple devices I've had (two laptops, 2 phones, 2 iPads, countless iPods) have always been satisfactory in terms of polish...not iOS6 nor the new iPod touch

Your Sony: is it an NEX-7? There's a firmware update just out which fixes the video button problem: http://blog.sony.com/alphafirmwareupdates

You have made my day...that blasted button is so clearly in the wrong spot that every time I bump it I secretly hope the Sony engineer responsible has been fired

> the use of modals to show individual apps on the iPad

This bugged me a lot after iOS6 update. Also the small things such as when there are App Updates and badge shows up on the App Store icon, clicking it takes me to Featured Apps section - not updates as one would expect. On Android for instance, the update notification takes you directly to a screen allowing you to update as expected.

The thing that continually annoys, and occasionally infuriates me, is the f'ing no-button trackpad on the MBP: a dozen times a day my finger or thumb slips on the thing, just as I'm clicking, and it misses, or hits the wrong link.

Disable the button altogether, and turn on tap-to-click. I used to hate it, but two-finger right-click works well, and the new 3-fingers-to-drag gesture means I never have issues with dragging, which was the main pain with tap-to-click.

I think Apple has always had the tendency to make dumb mistakes, but I will say that I think reporting on it has changed. Remember all of the jokes about "It's not a bug, it's a feature" back when Jobs was there? Apple is by no means immune from mistakes and I don't think they ever were.

Exactly. The reality distortion field has collapsed and everyone is less willing to forgive mistakes. I mean come on, remember the MobileMe launch failure?

That said, the famous Apple attention to detail does seem to be slipping, I sincerely hope this is just a transitional period and they tighten their game back up.

People also seem to forget how much of Apple's history was spent as a nearly faling tech company. Each little mistake is being reported to the point of saturation and while I think they're worth mentioning, every article seems to be a "beginning of the end" piece. As companies expand and begin to offer more and more products and services, it makes sense that their amount of bugs and mistakes would grow. When looking at gross amount of bugs and mistakes, you have to look at growth in offerings before major concern.

Ever since I started using Apple gear, I've found apple's software quality is way below hardware. iTunes on Windows was always a disappointment.

I've had the exact same feeling. It seems like their quality control has gotten worse over the last year or so.

>Is it just me or are apple making more dumb mistakes lately? There's this and that ajax caching issue from a month or two ago. Perhaps I'm just having selective memory?

No, it's not just you. It's the whole tech pop culture sector that has selective memory.

Apple did as much mistakes on the old times. It's just that it's not the underdog anymore, and all the hip kids are looking to fry Apple for those, instead of understanding that, heck, mistakes happen in every software/hardware offering.

The iPhone 4 antenna issue? Not even a blip compared to the iBook G3 logic board fiasco. But everybody forgets those things and adds it to some all-encompassing theory of decline...

Same with the notion of the "non-innovative update" for iPhone 5, etc.

The forgotten that less than a decade ago Apple did even far more minor incremental updates to the iPod line (a new click wheel, some more storage, a little thinner, now with a color screen, now it plays video, etc) and everybody was overwhelmed everytime a new device came out.

Suddenly they expect miracles out of every Keynote.

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