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inDinero seeks Lead Engineer
1890 days ago | hide
inDinero has been hauling for over two years now, growing to over a thousand paying business customers, and we're looking for a lead engineer! Both founders (Andy and Jessica) studied computer science before starting the company, and they wrote most of the initial code until product launch. Today, the company has five full-time developers across the globe, and we're looking for a tech lead who can oversee our team and it's growth as we go from five to thirty.

What will happen day-to-day?

-Spec out new product features with our design team -Improve our engineering workflow -Get feedback from team on how we can speed up their work -Make sure the test suite runs faster and is continuously running -See that all devs get their technical questions answered promptly -Update the dummy databases that our developers test code on -Prioritize long-term structural improvements to make to our infrastructure -Upgrading Rails -Using something like mongo to track events -Make sure the servers will scale -Ensure high security. Audit code base every quarter. -Refactor and modularize key parts of our code base.

Engineering Culture:

-"Push first, fix later": if the code works, you can always make it prettier later. What ultimately matters is that it reaches customers ASAP. -Testing is good, but not the end-all-be-all. Instead of having an over reliance on automated tests, always smoke test the feature by using it. -We don't record bugs on any bug tracker. If it's not important enough to get fixed today, we'll probably just overhaul the entire feature in a few months and the bug fix will be a waste of time.

Skills we're looking for:

    Ruby on Rails, 1+ years
    Java, 2+ years
    Sysadmin experience (Debian)

Interested? Shoot a note over to jobs@indinero.com with why you'd be perfect for the role!

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