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Ask HN: What do you do when your cubicle is next to somplace noisy?
2 points by diminium on Nov 14, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
Your a programmer. Your company is cheap.

Your cubicle next to sales/lunch room where the people next to you are loud, noisy, and talk about nothing related to what your doing.

What do you do next if moving your cubicle to someplace quieter is not an option?

Headphones with subtle music or just white noise.

Change your work schedule so you have quiet time before the office opens.

If you have some flexibility about being at your desk, you can find a lot of secondary spaces which go unused. Wiring closets, conference rooms, file rooms, storage areas.

First off - talk to your boss about perhaps working from home N days a week. There are other options - but they are all workarounds I think (noise cancelling headphones, etc.)

Short term, this site is helpful:


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