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Author of the post here, happy to answer any questions. I'm pretty confident in our findings here, and some of the behavior is just bizarre.

I'm seeing this line in my log as well, this person downloaded about 750MB and they don't seem to be on iOS 6.0.

  Reqs  User Agent
  5,378 Mozilla/5.​0 (Macintosh​; Intel Mac OS X 10_​8_​2) AppleWebKi​t/536.​26.​14 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.​0.​1 Safari/536​.​26.​14

I saw similar behavior when I was working on the backend for an IOS app.

We were able to track it down to a retry mechanism for streaming content when the server was responding too slowly. Maybe you are running into something similar.

Does 6.0.1 fix it?

From the fine article: "We have been unable to reproduce the issue using iOS 5 or using iOS 6.0.1".

So the problem's already been fixed as far as they can tell.

True. The problem is that we are seeing > 20% of users still on iOS 6.0.0, and still chewing up bandwidth. Upgrade, please upgrade.

The article says that the problem appears to be fixed in 6.0.1, at least for wifi.

We have some ideas on how to test 3G with 6.0.1, but haven't proven it one way or another yet.

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