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Ask HN: What external support do startups need most?
2 points by brunooo on Nov 14, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
We're working on our first vertical dubbed "Startup Superstore" at www.work.io and would love to have your input. What makes you think "Damn, it would be great to briefly have someone who's great at X at hand"?

Could be code reviews by a core committer of the framework you're using, lists of journalists that are into the stuff you're doing, making sense of / cleaning up metrics, coaching sessions, SEO, legal etc.

Market research: someone who can interview potential users/customers, get statistics on the market, create/run/evaluate surveys. UI/UX: someone who can evaluate the user experience and design. Security +1 for code reviews +1 for press +1 for legal +1 for SEO and marketing

Company formation, operating agreement (boilerplate a la thefunded.org), "submit your annual reports"/"Q3 taxes need to be filed" reminder service, social media aspects of fundraising (they write the story once, you send it to everywhere it needs to go).

Taxes, accounting, banking, how to spend your funding to live off of without realizing it as income, how to quickly pay people and deal with their taxes without touching ADP or Paychex, multi-state healthcare options for remote workers, and tying it all together so you don't get audited or wrist slapped years down the line.

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