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Can anyone hazard a guess as to why they'd conceal the amount raised?

Genuinely curious as to what the justification might be.

A better question might be: Why would you advertise how much money you have in the bank to your competitors?

You're providing info so they know exactly how much to cut prices and strangle you.

Does cutting prices have a lot to do with which how much money you've raised? I hear what you're saying, but disagree with your premise that it's a better point.

I think pricing and funding are different conversations.

BTW: Looks like they raised 7.6M, which is definitely a 'strategic' investment when looked at in contrast to the 70+M they've already raised. http://techcrunch.com/2012/11/14/intel-capital-and-red-hat-i...

Possibly because it advertises to potential customers that your company has a measure of stability from capital investment - not going to go bust anytime soon.

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