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By the time Unity for Ubuntu reaches version 4, it will include the following features:

-the ability to launch a command line will be gone, because the command line could allow accidental damage to your system

-it will not be possible to minimize or maximize windows (if you can still call what they have turned it into "windows"), those buttons will instead have been replaced by a shopping basket, and a helper assistant button, respectively

-because top left is not exotic enough, the window close button will now be in the bottom left

-launching more than one window of the same application will not work because this is confusing

-the menu of a program will be on the right side of the screen. You'll have to hover the mouse there first, then wait for a list of helpful suggestions to slide into view, scroll through it with an awesome fluent scrolling animation, and then finally at the end will be the menu options.

-the file system is abstracted away. Directories are confusing, so the concept of directories is hidden. Instead it presents the files as if they're in one large "basket". Extensions won't be shown because those, too, are not understood very well by most users.

-the scrollwheel, middle and right mouse button, and keyboard shortcuts, are ignored, to unify the desktop better with touch interfaces of mobile devices

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