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There is rather a big difference between a board and a consumer product. Most people are not keen on building their own system from scratch - and so far there isn't another 99$ game console out which is pretty much what OUYA seems to be about. Not to mention a console specific software stack. The fact that there is really hardware already around for that price makes me rather optimistic that OUYA isn't just the dream that never can come true which was my biggest fear for it so far (although I worry more about it's software stack).

Maybe there will be Asia clones ones it's out and a success, but so far there aren't. Someone has to be first...

And if it can get even cheaper in the long run with that hardware - that's also not exactly something speaking against it.

You got maybe a point with the games, but even there I'm not too worried. I don't need lots of good titles for a console - give me a handful of fun titles and I'm fine. Even playing supertuxracer on TV would already be enough fun for me to consider getting it :-)

You don't seem to understand that Android already is first. This is a $100 Android box with an 'app store of its very own!' and not much beyond that. We've already got Android and it's not difficult to make a similar enclosure. We've already got better hardware! The cost of porting from Ouya to other Android consoles in general is almost assuredly trivial to possibly zero depending how lazy they are about their software stack (i.e. no real reason to deviate from typical Android practices). All they have to differentiate themselves with is what they've added to Android and so far it looks like 'not much'. There's no reason for exclusivity on Ouya.

No, it's not a $100 Android box - it's a 100$ Android console. And I don't know any other Android system specifically designed for that so far. You don't keep your mobile phone or tablet plugged in to your TV and neither do you plug in a game controller into either of them usually. Also generally tablets do not mainly care about improving performance specifically for games, which mean given the choice of faster 3D or improving other hardware parts a typical tablet will not go for 3D. And yes - easy porting games to/from other Android systems is one the big selling points. If you think a computer is a computer then there is pretty much no point for ever buying a game console, nearly everyone has a more powerful PC in the house already.

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