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Boxee gave up on the Boxee Box (quite literally abandoned it and their customers) and is now doing a regular TV DVR box.

My friend had a Boxee Box and it was UNSTAAABLE. I saw it freeze up or restart way too many times. Unacceptable.

I have mixed feelings about the Boxee but it rarely freezes for me.

It's got a killer interface. Handles local video extremely well. It used to have a decent ecosystem but Boxee seem to have pivoted away from that plan.

It never had the content providers - at least in the UK. We never got Lovefilm or Netflix. BBC iPlayer didn't work for months and 4od came and went then came back.

To woo the content providers that we never got Boxee shut off the hackability and killed a growing enthusiast and developer scene.

> Handles local video extremely well.

Movies constantly buffer for me with SMB. Over Boxee Media Manager it doesn't buffer, but does take longer to initially load.

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