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cool. it looks like you've cleaned up the verbose syntax? what are you planning on adding that's new? do you support the whole module/interface hoohaa from sml? are you going to explore (given js target) prototype-based oo in some way? are you thinking of pulling in ideas from ocaml? or some cool new type hackery from haskell?

I think the parameterized modules would be nice, and a natural extension since modules as implemented are technically "first class" - but I'm intentionally shying away from Haskell-level type checking. Ultimately, I'd like the type system to be more of a tool for preventing bugs, rather than a requirement to "prove" that your code is correct.

No current plans for any compiler level prototyping, but some of this could be accomplished via the existing type system - it would be nice to have some sort of record field unification/discrimination at the type level, to allow you to do something like `{ fields_1 } -> {fields_2 } -> { fields_1 && fields_2 }`, but I haven't thought this through entirely yet. Thanks for the feedback!

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