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I agree, very insightful thnx.

If I where Facebook I would rethink Calender.

Turn it into a "future timeline" and add goals, to-do's allow for easy calender integration.

That way they might now own actual intent, but future intent.

Going on a trip? (find cheap tickets or hotels) Loosing weight? (here are places, products & diets) Going to run a marathon (products, books on training, websites to join) Planning bachelors party? (events) Bought a ticket (add to calender and propose things to do before)

Then their data would begin to be interesting and they would own a type of intent that Google doesn't (Because they mostly lack the proper context).

Right now the calender is primarily around parties and conferences. Expand that then at least I think they would have a chance of providing relevance and would have better time finding out when to present ads.

I see a few attempts but they need to re-do it completely.

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