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I use Skype quite regularly. I'd much prefer to move to Google+ Hangouts but there are a few things that make using it more painful than Skype:

* More people that I'm in contact with have Skype installed vs. have Google Voice and Video installed

* I use Adium as my IM client as I find it easier to use than Google+ in browser chat. To avoid double notifications, I keep chat closed 'in browser', which adds friction when starting a hangout

* Skype makes the call much faster than Google+ hangouts. In hangouts, the call usually times out but if I leave the window open, the other party will eventually join

On the plus side:

* Google+ hangouts call quality is usually much better

* Skype can't do multi-user video

* I find the 'in call' Google+ hangouts interface much more intuitive.

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