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Alki David is a pirate.


"Fox, CBS (NYSE: CBS), ABC (NYSE: DIS) and NBC (NYSE: GE) sued FilmOn in October, arguing that by retransmitting their programming over the web, FilmOn was violating copyright law. The order will stop FilmOn from streaming any content from those networks until a decision is made about whether or not to issue a preliminary injunction, which could keep the ban in place for a longer period.

FilmOn CEO David Alki said his company respects the court’s decision, but will argue that FilmOn’s broadcasts are protected by the same laws that allow cable companies to re-broadcast content that also goes over the air. Alki added that he has formed partnerships with several independent broadcast channels and will “be able to keep a compelling live offering online in the near future.” He continued: “Coupled with our own library of content and that of our partners, FilmOn will remain open for business.”"

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