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pwang 522 days ago | link | parent

Tony Harris's rant is just hateful. Like, wow.

But I have to conclude that the OP was referring to the title of the article. By saying "Nerds: Please stop hating women", it frames the conversation with a starting assumption that, well, nerds hate women. I understand that every content company/website optimizes for readership, and controversial titles garner more pageviews, but I have to agree with OP that vilifying the "Nerd" class as "hating women" is a bit over-the-top.

Especially meta-hilarious is the fact that it obviously is addressed to male nerds, but doesn't make this distinction, thereby also implicitly reinforcing the idea that when someone uses the word "nerd" as a class, we should assume they are just talking about men, and women are not a significant contingent of that class.

Nursie 522 days ago | link

That is quite funny!

Yes, perhaps the article should have been entitled 'Some Male Nerds - please stop hating women'.

That sounds just about specific and nerdy enough :)


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