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Right. There's one developer at Skype who can just do that and push it to production, without talking to anyone else, or getting approval from anyone else.

Be realistic. If two people need to talk about it, it's going to take longer than 2 minutes.

Longer than two minutes, definitely! More than 2 hours to investigate and fix? very doubtful. 3 months? That's a bit much...

I see your not familiar with the nature of code deployments and everything that has to happen beforehand. ;)

The two hours were most likely spent on office politics as opposed to fixing the problem. I'm surprised it wasn't > 5 hours to be honest.

Given your description I'm sure I'm lucky I'm not familiar with that. I've never worked at any place that has > 40 employees. If I can manage, I hope never to have to.

Yeah, there's no doubt it sucks but so can working for smaller organisations. It's all about the people your working with. The bigger the company, the more deadwood you likely have to work with.

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