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The same is, or was at least, true of xbox live - someone registered using my email, and there's obviously no account confirmation, as the account is live and I receive email notifications etc, but I can't get into it or remove it, since I don't know the password. I wonder how many other sites do this to avoid friction on sign up?

Happened to me too. I have no way to tell them that I am indeed not xXx_Rastafarian_xXx .

You're going to end up on some federal agency list for being a suspected pothead ;)

Fortunately even our fear of drugs isn't that insane.

sony network is the same. i have a throwaway gmail address which was used to sign up for the sony network an various games. at first i replied to any email that i didn't sign up for this, then i contacted sony network customer service, they said something marketing, i decided to not care. now every email from sony gets a direct way to the spam folder.

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