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Like everybody else here, I had no way to even begin to parse this article or determine whether it was satire or some strange inside terminology that nobody had ever heard of.

But it's none of that. It's a search and replace from this other entry on their blog:


Go read that one instead (or at least read the first paragraph to determine whether it's worth your time). It'll save your brain some unhappiness.

I wasted 15 minutes of my times trying to convince myself that I was not too stupid to understand the article, now I see..

so, his point with these 2 posts is MBA and NBA players are equally unnecessary in his company or something? I'm still having a hard time to understand the point of this NBA stuff..

No, it's not the same blog, it's a spoof of the post on http://mattjackrob.com/2012/11/13/why-we-dont-hire-anyone-wi....

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